Slimming Treatments

slimming treatment

Per Body Part

G5Php 200.00
ParadicPhp 300.00
RFPhp 500.00
Face RFPhp 350.00

Whole Body

G5Php 500.00
ParadicPhp 500.00
RFPhp 1,500.00

RF Packages

ServiceRegular Price10 Sessions20 Sessions
Face RFPhp 350.00Php 3,000.00Php 5,000.00
ArmsPhp 500.00Php 4,000.00Php 7,000.00
TummyPhp 500.00Php 4,000.00Php 7,000.00
LegsPhp 500.00Php 4,000.00Php 7,000.00
BackPhp 500.00Php 4,000.00Php 7,000.00
Whole BodyPhp 1,500.00Php 12,000.00Php 25,000

RF with Paradic

ServiceRegular Price10 Sessions20 Sessions
ArmsPhp 800.00Php 6,000.00Php 14,000.00
TummyPhp 800.00Php 6,000.00Php 14,000.00
LegsPhp 800.00Php 6,000.00Php 14,000.00
BackPhp 800.00Php 6,000.00Php 14,000.00
Whole BodyPhp 1,800.00Php 16,000.00Php 32,000.00

RF with G5

ServiceRegular Price10 Sessions20 Sessions
ArmsPhp 700.00Php 5,000.00Php 12,000.00
TummyPhp 700.00Php 5,000.00Php 12,000.00
LegsPhp 700.00Php 5,000.00Php 12,000.00
BackPhp 700.00Php 5,000.00Php 12,000.00
Whole BodyPhp 1,700.00Php 18,000.00Php 30,000.00

RF with G5 and Paradic

ServiceRegular Price10 Sessions20 Sessions
ArmsPhp 1,000.00Php 8,000.00Php 18,000.00
TummyPhp 1,000.00Php 8,000.00Php 18,000.00
LegsPhp 1,000.00Php 8,000.00Php 18,000.00
BackPhp 1,000.00Php 8,000.00Php 18,000.00
Whole BodyPhp 2,000.00Php 18,000.00Php 35,000.00

For inquiries please contact MS. EVA L. BELTRAN, RN

@ 0999-888-5383 / 0922-851-2970

photo credit: Robert McDon. via photopin cc